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British Legend NEO amplifier for guitar (New series) • All tube / 100W / 4x 6CA7 / 4x 12ax7 • 3 Channels: Clean - British - Legend • Small size housing: 20.1 x 8.6 x 8.2 inch  • Weight: 38 lbs • Channel 1 Clean: Volume, Bass and Treble controls - Bright switch • Clean sound: From funky clean to vintage style mode  • Channel 2 British: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume controls • British sound: Legendary british rock sound • Channel 3 Legend: Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume controls  • Legend sound: High gain sound, defined, british, lead • Bright switch (rear side): Adds mor heights to the Clean Channel • FAT Switch (rear side): More Bottom end, belongs to British and Legend channels • FX Loop, serial, buffered, switchable on amp and by foot switch • Line Out output, level control, no speaker simulation • 3 way foot switch: Clean / British / Legend, cable removable on both sides • 3 way foot switch included in price • 100% handmade in Germany • 3 years warranty
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British Legend NEO The British Legend Neo amplifier offers some additional features that are unique. 100W in the very small size case (20.1 x 8.6 x 8.2 inch) and an acceptable weight 38 lbs, provide an easy handling with lots of power inside. By perfect placement of the components each amplifier contains three legendary sounds with lots of options. The British Legend Neo amp is completely made by hand with attention to detail in my workshop. The wooden case is made of birch multiplex, top quality. Chassis, logo, front panel, rear panel are specially designed for the British Legend Neo. All work: production and assembly, installation of all components, wiring and testing are exclusively made in our workshop. Only high quality, selected components are used. Amp, design, circuit, construction, wiring, sounds as well as the complete design by Ulrich Rodenberg.
Sounds • Clean: Volume - Bass - Treble - Bass Boost - Treble Boost = Ultra Clean, from Funky Clean bis Vintage Style mode The  Clean channel has ist own EQ, it can sound vintage clean as well as modern. The Treble switch gives you shining high frequencies. Funky, Ultra Clean, Vintage Clean to modern sound, warm and bluesy. • British: Gain - Bass - Middle - Treble - Volume = Legendary British Rock Sound with HOT ROD gain The Classic and the British channel uses the same EQ. The British sound is a Plexi HOT ROD gain sound. His goal is the medium to high gain overdrive sound with special heights, always a straight rock sound, perfect for rhythm and lead. The sound that you can hear on thousands CD‘s. • Legend: Gain - Bass - Middle - Treble - Volume = Absolutely that High Gain Sound - defined - british - lead This channel has plenty of gain, A singing lead sound, fat with compression but still working in the british line. The British and the Legend Channel uses the same EQ.
FX Loop FX Loop • Serial • The Fx loop can be switched on/off on amplifier and foot switch (not included). The FX Loop is placed between the pre-amplifier and the main amplifier. At its output the signal is low impedance so you can use long connection cables without a loss of sound. The return jack can be used as an input to the the main amplifier. The FX Loop can be switched ON/OFF by a switch on the rear of the amplifier or by a foot switch (not included). Activated (without effect device), (almost) no sound difference can be recognized.
Line Out Here the complete sound can be taken directly. The level of the signal can be adjusted by the output level control. You can use a speaker simulation box or send the whole signal of the amplifier to other equipment. Attention: A speaker must always be connected!
 Impedance 4 / 8 / 16 impedance. Be sure to dial in the same impedance as you cabinet has! 
3 Channel foot switch Switchover   Clean + British + Legend 3 Jewel LED indicators for Clean + British + Legend Connection: 5pin XLR cable, cable removable on both sides
Technical data: Selected capacitors • Carbon resistors 4 / 8 / 16 impedance Line Out - Level adjustable Illuminated power switch on the rear panel Input power selector 100V / 120V / 230V / 240V IEC socket + Main fuse + anode fuse (intern) Housing => Birch plywood • Elephant tolex • Gold Piping Small Size Housing (20.1 x 8.6 x 8.2 inch) • Weight 38 lbs 
All amplifiers are completely made by hand with attention to detail in my workshop. • No industrial production • Made in Germany!
Bright switch (rear side) Adds mor heights to the Clean Channel
FAT switch (rear side) More Bottom end, belongs to British and Legend channels