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  • Follow-up model of the GAS-728 NG    • New Vintage Plexi design  • Black knobs •  Black writing   • Optimized Overdrive and Clean Boost sounds for guitar   • Two completely separate pedals, Overdrive and Clean boost in one box   • Separate Bass Boost toggle switches for Overdrive and Clean Boost     • Signal chain: Guitar => Overdrive => Clean Boost => amplifier   • Gain Boost (toggle switch) for the Overdrive channel = more Gain    +20 dB toggle switch for the Clean Boost channel = more output level    Jewel LED: Overdrive = Blue, Clean Boost = Green    True Bypass: No switching noise, purely mechanical    Powered by an external standard 9V -18V DC power adapter (not included)   • Current demand: 9V DC => 50mA / 18V DC => 80mA • No battery working    Dimensions (L/D/H) (inch)): 3.7 x 4.7 x 1.3  / Weight: 1.1 lbs   • 100% Handmade in Germany     3 years warranty
  Overdrive / Clean Boost for guitar  Handmade by RODENBERG amplification
 Guitar => Overdrive => Clean Boost => amplifier
When the GAS (OD / CB) is off, the input signal is passed through directly to the amplifier without any loss of sound
No switching noise: The GAS (OD / CB) switches silently through a special, mechanical circuit concept.
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