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GAS-707 NG overdrive + GAS-808 NG overdrive in one box • GAS-707 NG - Tone and Level controls •  GAS-808 NG - Drive, Tone and Level controls • Bass boost switches, separately for both pedals • 909 switch: The GAS-808 NG overdrive can be switched over into a GAS-909 NG overdrive (3x more gain than the GAS-808 NG) • 827 switch: Changes the signal path from guitar - 707 - 808 - amplifier to guitar - 808 - 707 - amplifier • Bolt switch: locked or serial switching logic. Bolt: Only the pedal that has just been activated is ON • GO! switch: Momentary action for the GAS-808 NG, the pedal is ON only as long as the foot switch is pushed • True bypass • Silent switching • Illuminated rocker switches • Top panel made of stainless steel • 3D effect • Selected components • Powered by an external standard 9V DC power adapter (Power adapter is not included, please order separately) • Current draw: 200mA • No battery working • Dimensions (L/D/H) (inch)): 4.7 x 3.7 x 1.3  / Weight: 1.1 lbs • 100% handmade in Germany • 3 years warranty
909 mode Rocker switch ON: Gain boost, 3x more gain than in standard 808 mode
Bass boost Rocker switch ON: The GAS-728 NG has two bass boost switches, separately for GAS-707 NG and GAS-808 NG. The bass boost lifts the lower frequencies, the overall sound stays defined without getting muddy.
GO! switch GO! rocker switch ON: Switches the GAS-808 NG into momentary action. The GAS-808 NG is ON only as long as it is pressed. Perfect for short 'fill ins' or controlled feedback. If the GAS-808 is pressed in BOLT mode with GAS-707 activated, the GAS-808 goes to ON and the GAS-707 automatically switch OFF as long as the GAS-808 is pushed. If the foot switch is released from the GAS-808, the GAS-808 goes OFF and the GAS-707 will turn ON again. 
BOLT switch Rocker switch: If the BOLT mode rocker switch is activated, you can switch between the pedals with one foot pressure only. Only the pedal is ON, which has just been pressed. Of course, the individual pedals can also be switched ON / OFF as usual. 
• 827 Schalter switch Rocker switch: If the 827 rocker switch is activated, the signal chain of the GAS-728 NG will change. Signal chain 728: guitar => GAS-707 NG => GAS-808 NG => Amp Signal chain 827: guitar => GAS-808 NG => GAS-707 NG => Amp
   GAS-728 NG Clean Boost / Overdrive for guitar
Power supply On the rear is the socket for connecting an external power supply. It is a standard 2.1mm socket as used by (almost) all manufacturers of effects devices. All commercially available power supplies for effect devices (9V DC, + = outer ring, ground = pin) can be used. The double series does not run with battery! The maximum input voltage (power supply) should not exceed 12V DC!
True bypass When the pedal s turned off, the guitar signal gets passed through to reach the amp without any loss of signal. The pedal is totally switched out of the signal path.