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GAS-808B NG overdrive with second foot switch for GAS-909B mode in one box • Drive, Tone and Level controls • ON foot switch: Pedal ON / OFF • 909B foot switch: 3x more gain than in 808B mode • Small status LED for 909B mode ON / OFF • Jewel LED blue, turns red in 909B mode • Deep boost switches, separately for each mode 808B or 909B • Input voltage 9V DC - 18V DC • True bypass • Selected components • Top panel made of stainless steel • 3D effect • Powered by an external standard 9V -18V DC power adapter (Power adapter is not included, please order separately) or 9V battery • Current draw: 20mA • Dimensions (L/D/H (inch)): 2.4 x 4.6 x 1.2  / Weight: 0.7 lbs • 100% handmade in Germany • 3 years warranty
 GAS-808B II NG Twin Overdrive for bass
Deep Boost The GAS-808B II NG has two separate deep boost switches, each for standard (blue) and 909B high gain mode (red). Toggle switch ON: The bass boost lifts the lower frequencies, the overall sound stays defined without getting muddy.
• Foot switch ON / Foot switch 909B mode   Foot switch ON: switches the GAS-808B II NG ON / OFF. Foot switch 909B, switches the GAS-808B II NG into High Gain mode, 3x more gain than in standard mode. The Jewel LED will light red in the 909B mode and blue in the standard mode.  The 3mm indicator LED (red) indicates the status of the 909B foot switch, even if the pedal (ON / OFF) is off.  
 Power supply All single (not the XS series) pedals can be powered with both, battery (9V block) and external power supply. On the rear is the socket for connecting an external power supply. It is a standard 2.1mm socket as used by (almost) all manufacturers of effects devices. All commercially available power supplies for effect devices (9V -18V DC, + = outer ring, ground = pin) can be used. If a power supply is connected, the internal battery will automatically switch off. To replace the battery, unscrew the 4 screws of the floor plate, remove the floor plate and change the battery.
True bypass When the pedal s turned off, the guitar signal gets passed through to reach the amp without any loss of signal. The pedal is totally switched out of the signal path.