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Signature Guitar Pedal •  A custom pedal used by Tyler Bryant, designed by Rodenberg Custom Amplification in Germany. • TB Drive Shakedown special • Tyler Bryant custom pedal • Two totally separate overdrive pedals (custom GAS-808) in one box • Drive, Tone and Level controls separately for both pedals • Bass boost switches, separately for both pedals • 909 switch: The left GAS-808 overdrive can be switched over into a GAS-909 overdrive for high gain • True bypass • Silent switching • Illuminated rocker switches • Top panel made of stainless steel • Selected components • Powered by an external standard 9V -18V DC power adapter • Current draw: 200mA • No battery working • Dimensions (L/D/H) (inch)): 4.7 x 3.7 x 1.3  / Weight: 1.1 lbs • 100% handmade in Germany • 3 years warranty
 RODENBERG TB Drive Shakedown Special 
Tyler Bryant: “I’ve used this pedal at every session and every show since I got it. With this box, I can walk into any situation and know that I’m gonna have the horse power I need.”
Price: USD 229  Customers order here: Tyler Bryant webshop